API link in models

Hello everyone! This is my first question.
In the models, you have an API link, but when I click on it, I get {“message”:“no api key supplied”}
How do I supply the api key?

Hi mpolanco!

Understand how this could be a little confusing. When you click on “Api link” for a model it currently redirects you to a link such as picture I’ve included. The error you can disregard, but the api-link is the url you see at the top (boxed in red for you).

If you want to use your model, you can explore it by clicking the “try-it” button which will load your model into the playground. If you want to try it via an SDK you will use this URL as the endpoint and then your personal API key in the call.

Hope this helps!


Thank you, Elliot. I have to learn more about API and SDK.